Connected farming.

Bioto zet ‘big data’ in om de omgeving van stedelingen, met- of zonder groene vingers, op kleine- en grote schaal eetbaar te helpen vergroenen. Zo dragen we samen bij aan biodiversiteit, de temperatuur in onze steden, de CO2 kringloop, gezond lokaal voedsel en betrokkenheid in onze wijken.

We zijn een groeiend ecosysteem van mensen, projecten en tools die onze relatie met de natuur transformeren.

Onze doelen



The more people learn to grow their own food the more green we have in our communities, the healthier these individuals and their communities will be. Our goal is to make growing your own food easy and fun for everybody.



By inspiring people to grow food with and for their communities both for the individual, but also to shorten our food supply chains to reduce carbon emissions and create a more healthy culture to live in.



We are building a growing ecosystem of people and tools that can help farmers all over the world to use biodiverse farming to improve their soil and create long-term benefits from growing their own food.

Food is a powerful connector. As much as it nourishes our own bodies and minds, it connects us with the people around us and with the Earth beneath our feet.⁠

Hoe we helpen



Wellness and wholeness are at the essence of what we do. We are driven by learning, curiosity, and inquiry to optimize the health of our spaces and communities.



We bring experience, tools and models with us to find the best solution for you to create your own bioto space wherever you are or whatever space you have available.



We love getting our hands dirty and collaborating with others to create more biodiverse spaces within and around our cities. Take a look at our projects for more information.

“Making nature healthy again is key to our physical and mental wellbeing and is an ally in the fight against climate change and disease outbreaks. It is at the heart of our growth strategy, the European Green Deal, and is part of a European recovery that gives more back to the planet than it takes away.””

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission